The Magician’s Land


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A fantastic end to a thrilling trilogy full of magic is here for the audience that has enjoyed the previous books fully. Quentin came to the college of magic all of a sudden and when he started learning magic he finally understood that it was his destiny to join this world full of supernatural stuff. Here he learned something about the utopia which was named Fillory. It was the land that was supposed to fill all your hidden desires within no time. Not many think that the land existed somewhere but Quentin was sure that he needed to go to that land.

The Magician's Land

So in The Magicians and The Magician King he finally reached the land of his dreams and he thought that his task was complete but that was not the case at all. Now years later Quentin has been thrown out of the place and he is back at his college where he started learning magic. Starting all over again was not easy but Quentin started with a heavy heart. He was trying to hide from his past that was still in search of him.

Lev Grossman i.e the author of the series introduces Plum who happens to be harnessing a dark secret. Plum was looking for Quentin and she tells him about a dark secret that could change the world completely.

There was magic strong enough to create a land like Fillory but in the process of doing so, the earth and Fillory will perish forever. So Quentin must stop all of this in order to save the two places that he considers his home. Mark Bramhall starts with a simple tone here and the narration at the end was with a heavy voice to depict the gravity of the situation.


The Magician King

Starlight Enclave


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