Starlight Enclave


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War has ended and it has resulted in heavy damages but the good thing is that the people are recovering from it. However, only a few know that the people of the land cannot afford such a war in the future. It has been two years since the war has ended but the warriors who combined their might against the demons are not resting still they know what is out there still waiting for them.

Jarlaxle and Zaknafein are looking for a magical sword that can change the course of the battlefield within no time. The sword is said to have magical potential that can easily go out of control as well. Its magic has corrupted many warriors of the past but the two heroes think that they need the sword in order to keep it away from the hands of the enemy. In order to know more about the weapon, the two go in search of the one who has used the sword to its full potential.

Starlight Enclave

R.A. Salvatore has not added Drizzt to the battlefield this time because the hero is on a quest of his own. So it is not like The Ghost King and Glacier’s Edge which means that the heroes have targets of their own to achieve and they are not working like a group. Drizzt wants his daughter to be trained in the art of warfare so for this purpose he is taking his daughter to the master who can train her to perfection.

Narrator Victor Bevine has given a different style to Drizzt in order to show that he is not in the fighting mode anymore rather he is thinking about his future generation.


The Magician’s Land

Glacier’s Edge


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