Prospero Burns

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    The Prospero burns is an outstanding novel, which is part 15 of The Horus Heresy novel series. It is its 15th chapter and the audience love to have the same intensity and enthusiasm even till that later chapter of the series. It is masterfully written by Dan Abnett, where he has been exceptional with all his lines that came through his prior experience and vast imagination, which is true for such a contemporary science fiction novel. Gareth Armstrong once again had the charge of giving the narration of this novel, where his performance was top class and highly appreciated by listeners.

    Prospero Burns

    The Emperor story continues and war threats are looming around once again. The Emperor this time is highly enraged on quite a few things. Primarch Magnus, the Red one of the Thousand Son Legion this time has made a very costly mistake.

    This mistake is bound to have a huge impact, which actually threatens the safety and protection of Terra. Having no other workable idea or any good choice, the Emperor had to charge Leman Russ, who is the Primarch of the Space Wolves. He was charged by the Emperor with the uneasiness of his brother from the Thousands Sons home, which is a world that belongs to Prospero.  This sorcerer’s planet conquering is a huge task and would be any easy option to overcome.

    Dan Abnett is good when it comes to writing well-paced science fiction novels. It will always be a great idea to entrust his writing and go about searching and reading/ listening to more of his novels. A couple of better books by the author are First and Only and Horus Rising.




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