Lord of Mountains


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    The book nine takes us again back to the King of Montival and thus we are once again joined to the seventh book The High King of Montival the writer has developed very strong relation this time between the two parts and this is perhaps the first time the series moves further in such a pattern.

    Rudi Mackenize has become the Artos after many battles and has gained his position as the high king of Montival along with his allies that have also turned into his royal subjects he has now defeated his enemies on many of the key posts and has strengthened his hold over the land more than ever.

    The only way out of the battles is the unification of the realm and only Rudi and his wife Mathilda can do this unthinkable task and can bring peace to the land where bloodshed is part of a daily routine. S.M. Stirling has taken the help of aggressive dialogues this time to show the intensity that is higher than ever as everything slowly approaches toward a final conclusion or toward an end.

    The process of peace is however not simple as it appears as war is not the final solution, before going into war Artos must make himself acceptable for the leaders of the changing world.

    Lord of Mountains

    For this, he has to go on a quest to the lake that lies in the center of the mountains so that he can participate in the ritualistic ceremony after which he would be able to join hands with the forces of the land and that of his ancestors as well.

    After getting these powers he would be able to bring peace to the land through the use of force of course. Todd McLaren’s narration moves along well with the story in this part as well.

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