The Desert and the Blade


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    The quest of Reiko and Orlaith continues in this twelfth part of the series by S.M. Stirling that continues to impress us right from the book one. The wars and the passion of the warriors are just awesome and each character has a personality of its own that is fully revealed during the emergence.

    The quest for the Grass-Cutting sword takes the two allies to places that they thought they would never see in their lives. This one is a continuation of the previous part The Golden Princess. Thus the one listening to this one must have an idea of the previous part because only then can we understand about the concept of the sword and also this new emerging generation of heroes that are amazing women this time that is a contrast to whatever we heard in the initial parts of the series.

    The Desert and the Blade

    Orlaith knows quite well that what is the outcome of such a quest and what are the powers that these swords possess as her own sword the Sword of the lady failed to save the life of her father when he was attacked by his enemies.

    But the war is near and the finding of the sword seems to be the only way for both of these zealous women who could prove to be the only hope for Montival and perhaps the last one.

    Matilda the mother of Orlaith, however, this time emerges against the alliance as she thinks that this will prove to be a threat for the whole alliance. The book is no doubt a masterpiece as can be termed as one of the best parts of the whole series.

    Todd McLaren starts the narration a bit slowly this time and then at the later stages matches with the storyline quite well.

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