Assassin’s Code

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    If someone is looking for a ride on a bumpy but exciting track this book is the correct choice to be made. Joe Ledger enters a new mission in this fourth part of the series, the important thing about the story is that the plot is entirely new and there is no link with the plot of the previous three books so one does not have to go through all the other parts in order to understand the current one. Jonathan Maberry has surely provided the story with a lot of depth and gravity.

    Assassin's Code

    The book begins when Ledger saves the college kids in Iran and is later told that he had to stop a nuclear war by disposing of six nuclear bombs, but there is only one trouble that nobody knows where these bombs have been hidden. Ledger for the first time goes deep in the hidden vaults of the criminals for investigation and the more he learned about the present case the more horrified he becomes as the secrets are so threatening that they could rip the whole world in two or perhaps in more than two pieces.

    Assassin's Code

    The introduction of a female character is also unique as the lady named Violin is not a timid sort of a lady, she is an assassin by profession and it is because of her Ledger is allowed to enter the world that is full of murders and betrayals.

    More deadly than anything is the secret that is attached to the assassin code that could change the face of the entire world forever. The story reminds us of other works of the writer like Lullaby, Broken Lands. The action and adventure are well narrated by Ray Porter who is a real master is narrating action pack stories.



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