In My Father’s Basement


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    In My Father’s Basement is a brilliant new novel with an excellent storyline and characters. It is written masterfully by T.J. Payne, who knows the very art of producing excellent horror stories. Horror is considered as a very difficult genre in fiction and any loose plot of such a story could make a horror novel sound comical. This is where the author T.J. Payne is so special as he gave great attention to detail in producing such an interesting and fantastic novel for the audience.

    The story in this novel for many might be just another story of father and son relationship. But, it comes with lots of torture, abduction and murder as well.

    Literally out of nowhere, a handyman of 60 years of age goes on for a long murder spree, while abducting healthy young men and women and torturing them brutally with different hand tools. After he gets caught, things started to change. People want to know everything that what at all he snapped. They actually wanted to know about the grisly details. But, he had some other plans. He was ready to tell his gruesome story, but really not to everyone. He wanted to tell this only to one person, who is his estranged son.

    In My Father's Basement

    Intercept: A Horror Novel is another great one by T.J. Payne. This is an outstanding novel, which will jeep you hooked to the plot right till its end.

    Narration for a horror novel is something very critical for the success of its audiobook this was what this book was heavily dependent. Joe Hempel had done a great job with his voice, which you will definitely find engrossing and something to cheer about.

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