The Magicians


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When this book is opened, it opens a doorway to a different dimension where magic exists and magical powers can be harnessed. Quentin never expected to get all those magical powers in his life rather he wanted to gain otherworldly things. He went to Princeton for an interview and nothing else but he never expected what would be waiting for him in the office.

When Quentin reached the place, he was quite surprised to notice that the man who was going to take his interview was dead. On the table, there was a letter that had Quentin’s name on it. Though the man was shocked to see the scene he wasn’t able to control himself from following the directions that were mentioned in the letter.

The letter brought Quentin to a strange dark place where all his desires could be fulfilled. The man was offered a chance to learn magic and it was a bright chance to get everything with just a single movement of the magic wand. Things went on according to the expectations, however, the darkness came later on in the novel. Quentin was unaware of the darkness that was also lurking behind the shadows and it was waiting for him.

The Magicians

Les Grossman has added a lot of suspicious things in the first part of the series and it makes us curious about The Magician King and The Golden Swift. The book provides a lot of lessons to the listeners but they are not understood at once. Mark Bramhall has added a few pauses in the novel just to keep the audience alert so it should be considered as a flaw in the narration. Everything about this series is superb and it will grasp every mind at once.



The Magician King


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