Rage of a Demon King


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Previous saga ended in a trilogy but this one will surely go for the fourth because things have not concluded at all in this part. Shadow of a Dark Queen had Erick, Roo and Miranda then came the second episode Rise of a Merchant Prince where Roo finally achieved what he wanted in life. The talk of the Emerald Queen never vanished in the second part and here in this third one she is coming and she is not alone at all. After a very long time Raymond E. Feist brings the game back to his favorite i.e the magician known as Pug.

Rage of a Demon King

Pug along with Tomas can see what’s coming to Midkemia and it is not something with which ordinary people would be able to fight with their weapons. An old demon that was trapped in the dungeons has come out and made itself free from the cage. Now it will devour on its prey i.e the people of the world, the world need the unity of all the heroes against this.

Otherwise the one thing that would remain in the world after the war would be chaos. Third part didn’t have much story in it; one can easily say after listening to it completely that it is a base that is set for the final episode. All the sides have been chosen and preparations are full and final now only the war will decide the fate of the winner and the losing party.

Peter Joyce also has saved his energies for the finale and did not try to do too much in the trilogy. Narration was clear but plain not much feelings conveyed, only Pug’s dialogues had enthusiasm in them.



Rise of a Merchant Prince

Shards of a Broken Crown


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    1. Read the rift war saga ,and owned and read this serpent war saga ,enjoyed this American master of his created world and worlds , on a par with the greats such as J R R Tolkien Stephen Donaldson to name but a few ,anybody seeking an all engulfing experience is in the best of hands ,try as I did and I went on to read virtually all his books ,this gifted man who through his hard work, research and inventive flowing style spins an unmissable vast world that cannot fail to capture your awareness,anyway peace out guys ,be nice 2-1 another


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