Court Wizard


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    The Court Wizard is one of the finest works done by Terry Mancour as an author. This is the 8th book of the well-known Spellmonger series, which already has created great vibes all over with brilliant writing skills and depiction of powerful characters. John Lee once again had the honor of giving a fabulous narration this amazing book with his powerful voice that nicely gels up with the strong character of this book.

    Court Wizard

    The story is about Pentandra and her sufferings. She got married and soon after, got a new job. She was quite sure that managing a new job with her marriage would be a tough call.

    The Court Wizard of Ducal were regarded as the favorable assignments for a mage to handle, where a lot of stipends, expense funds and laboratories were available. But, when the case is to connect with the Orphan Duke’s voyage to regain, restore and recapture all his shattered stuff, then the expected things definitely would be far less cushy and favorable.

    Court Wizard

    Having the south zone all in full rebellion, the goblins at the northern zone, things could get better, despite the summer capital being led by a corrupt baron and also involving a group of thugs. However, these mentioned problems are still not the worst. Pentandra is still learning as how he could live with her husband and settle down with her married life nicely.

    Shadowmage and Hawkmaiden are a couple of other exciting books by the veteran author Terry Mancour. Terry’s legacy and his prior work give readers all the good reasons to invest their time in his other mentioned popular books, which are definitely worth anyone’s time.

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    5 thoughts on “Court Wizard”

    1. Interesting, I’m finding Court Wizard my least favorite Spellmonger book so far. Perhaps it is most comparable to the book featuring the two apprentices off to school, but I thoroughly enjoyed that book. Granted, I am only finishing chapter six here, yet I’m almost ready to skip it. The rest of the series is brilliant, though I do keep wondering why a wordsmith like Mr. Mancour uses the C word on occasion. This seems to me offensive hyperbole, as I have eliminated that nasty word from my vocabulary, due to the fact it is a bridge burner.

    2. Team Toky, First let me laud your website and the service it provides.Truly, it is the best site I have found for audiobooks. I’m not just sucking up, but serious! For the many who have a visual handicap, this site is truly significant. I also want to amend my criticism to be more adamant and specific. This is a great series in the genre (be it High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy or Heroic Fantasy). it has a wonderful plot and exciting universe and strong character development. Mancour IS a gifted writer who obviously writes by the pound, rather than the page. The length of the series alone augments its status as a modern classic. The protagonist (of the series) is noble, while flawed and insightful. The series is deep with regard to chivalry and this is educational.
      My canned quote is “In order for criticism to be constructive and fair, it must be balanced”. The first half of this book is simply not up to the high standard that Mancour sets in it’s companion books. It’s jerky and somewhat disjointed, yet readers understand (somewhat) why as the second half unfolds. No one has ever suggested I am prudish, nor a prude, I just don’t see the use of the C word as necessary, swarthy or even used as it could be for shock value; it just is not a pedestrian word and thus it stands out and begs, why? My advice to anyone who is sampling the series is: do not start with this book. Thanks again!

      • The “c” word has been used throughout literature since medevil times. It was actually common. Americans are the ones who have such the stigma associated with the word. That being said do I believe that it is always called for? No. Do I believe that some bridges need to be burned? Absolutely.

    3. PS, I greatly prefer the 30 -50 minute breaks found in some other books in this series to the rat a tat tat of the 9 minute bursts


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