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 Shadowmage is the leaf out of the splendid Spellmonger series, which is authored by a renowned writer, Terry Mancour. The book is part 9 of the auspicious Spellmonger series by the author that has countless fans, praising the series from all aspects. One of the most critical aspects is the narration of this book, which is done once again by the well-known narrator, John Lee in a very commanding and confident manner.

The Knight Mage’s life is never thought to be an easy one at all. However, there are at times when god smiles at a person from heavens and you get for yourself an errand that is full of incredible level of complexities. And that too, with no regards to casualties at all.

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When Rondal and Tyndal, the journeymen wizards travel to the southern zone of Alshar along with Knight’s errant, a poor boy and his helpless other, the situations sets a series of stunning events that completely shakes the foundation of all the 5 Duchies. The 2 Knights comes across the Enultramar Cats, while they setup themselves for their quest against the big criminal gang, which were popularly known as the Brotherhood of Rat.

Hawkmaiden and Court Wizard are a couple of amazing pieces of literary art that will tell you about the command, control and flexibility of Terry Mancour as a writer. If you are ever a fan of terry Mancour, then you certainly cannot afford to miss these novels by the author, which speaks volumes about the character, scenes and awe-inspiring situations depicted in his novels.


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    Court Wizard

    Forging Divinity


    7 thoughts on “Shadowmage”

    1. Thang and team Tokybook,
      Next book is Necromancer (Book 10) followed by
      Thaumaturge (Book 11) followed by
      Arcanist (Book 12)
      All are published on audiobooks currently.
      Thanks again for sharing this wonderful series!

    2. This book was awesome. I am loving this series so much. Can’t wait for books 10 & 11 to be uploaded here. The narrator is easily one of the best in the business!! Highly recommended.


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