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    An ordinary girl was living an ordinary life when all of a sudden she started having dreams of things and persons she has never seen before. First, she thought of it as hallucinations and made her mind that she has gone mad for some reason because of which her brain is malfunctioning.

    Then those visions started to get more real and her mind seemed to form a contact with those dreams especially of a boy who appears to be calling her for a goal. As a young child, she was told that her parents died in a plane accident, only she survived the deadly nightmare. One thing the girl never thought about was the reason for her survival.


    With the coming back of her memory Tavia starts to feel her powers as well. Being the chosen one against Reduciata she must master her powers before the evil is unleashed fully over the world. She knew she could manipulate matter but creating something when it was not even there in existence was new for her.

    The thing becomes clear to her that she is not an ordinary being rather she happens to be Earthbound. Like the faerie in Illusions and Wings, this young girl also gets a gigantic task by fate which she has to fulfill at any rate. Aprilynne Pike puts Tavia in two sorts of troubles at the same time, one is the call for duty and the other is the call of her heart. She just wants to escape from the duties to enjoy the company of her one true love. Hallie Cooper-Novack narrates the romance and action scenes in pure balance but the scenes with romance in them are more attractive for the mind.

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    The Witchcraft of Salem Village


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