The Kill Artist


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    Gabriel used to be the best assassin the department ever had but all of it has become a thing of the past now. The listeners who have listened to The Order know that how much Gabriel was close to his family and now his family is dead. There was a time when he longed to be with his family for the weekend and now the weekends and the weekdays are just free without the voices of his two children and lovely wife.

    Tariq the Palestinian terrorist killed his family by devising a clever plan for it but this has become a thing of the past now. Gabriel has left the service and has turned to the field of arts for a change. He does not want to talk about his past life which has given him nothing but pain and grief. Daniel Silva portrays Gabriel as quite a tamed person at the start of this story where the hero finally shifts his attention towards the protection of art.

    The Kill Artist

    Later George Guidall’s narration tells us that Tariq is back and he has launched a killing spree which means that he will spare no one. For Gabriel, it is like one more chance to get his fears and grief out of his system by putting a bullet in the head of his enemy.

    Gabriel thus gets back into gear and we observe the anti-terrorist force reemerging in the novel. It is not about Middle East’s peace talks for Gabriel rather he goes on a personal mission this time. If you have some spare time then you must go through The English Assassin. This book is also another mission of Gabriel and is equally breathtaking. Thus listening to both of these books will provide us double entertainment.

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    The Order

    The English Assassin


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