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Second episode of the trilogy by Mercedes Lackey does not launch the main fight and it was always on the cards that the author was saving the main fight till the end. The two friends bound by the blood oath face another mission for which they had to but their main task aside. Tarma the sword-sworn and her friend Kethry the sorceress also with a magical sword of her own were actually looking for the one who killed the whole of the Hawk clan until now. In the kingdom of Rethwellan the situation is worse than the two saw in The Oathbound because Idra the leader of the clan is missing. No one knows what happened to her during her journey and whether she is alive or killed nobody has a clue.


Tarma and Kethry at once set out for the search of Idra because her tribe needs her and perhaps the two sword-sworn needs her help too but first they have to bring her back in one piece. As the two ladies move ahead in their journey and mission, they smell conspiracy for the first time and the enemy they are looking for is ruthless and clever.

Their enemy was keeping an eye on them from the beginning and knows that they are coming which means he is well prepared and they cannot take him by surprise anymore. Christa Lewis still saves the dare in the voice for Oathblood the last part in the trilogy because action is bound to happen in that last part now. Stage is set and now the audience can hope that the last part would not disappoint them in action.



Exile’s Honor


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