Exile’s Honor


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Whenever a person is taking a book with Mercedes Lackey’s name in the writer’s column he should make himself ready for two things i.e action and a lot of crazy magic. Hidden super powers are one of the basic spices of the dish that the author creates for the fans. Alberich is not like Talia in Arrows of the Queen and Arrow’s Flight who is settling in something new and don’t know about his abilities. He is right where he should be i.e in the Karsite army proving himself the best in the whole lot in all the competitions.

Whether it is the use of weapons in the field or study in the class Alberich can outclass the whole class. The boy actually possesses the power to see the future or if we deal with it his way, he can calculate the result of different happenings before they actually happen.

This is because he has a good brain and a unique ability to focus for a longtime. In the war however he proved a valuable asset against the enemy because he always knew from where the next attack was coming from and how the enemy could be beaten down.

Exile’s Honor

A quick rise in the profession was always on the cards for him and after the war he became the captain in the army. The author launches irony at this stage and the one who knew the future of the whole war was unable to guess his own future when he was betrayed by the people around him. The gift that was presented to him and the honor that he got in the end of the war was all a big drama. This brilliantly written novel is narrated by Paul Woodson who brings the fantasy to life through his voice and makes it a true masterpiece.



Exile’s Valor


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