Sin & Lightning


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    K.F. Breene has revealed Alexis’ secret now and every demigod of Hades is now after her and escaping was never an option Alexis thought for. In Sin & Chocolate she was reluctant but still not afraid and now she is aware that fear will land her nowhere. First one that she would lose now after her failure would be the love of her life i.e Kieran. We have seen in Sin & Salvation that what she can do for the demigod she loves more than anyone and anything.

    Sin & Lightning

    Thus whether it is Hades himself Alexis is not afraid but at the same time going out for a raw fight is not a wise approach so they think of preparing a team that might make their chances of winning little bright. Kieran and Alexis go in search of the magical workers so that they might add them in their team but the quest is tougher than it looks because no one is in mode of joining the demigods. Silver lining is seen in the form of Lydia’s invitation that shows her intention of joining the team but Alexis doubt her loyalty.

    Alexis knows that she is one of Hades’ gang and deception is the most lethal weapon of these demigods still the two go to her because they have no other way. As far as the narration is concerned Khristine Hvam used low gear because in this part things are dealt in sensible way by Alexis and Kieran. They know their true potential and are willing to use their minds instead of physical strength in front of their enemy that is large in number.


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