A Crucible of Order


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    A Crucible of Order: Sentinels of Creation, Book 5

    Burden of Chaos was a hard thing to bear but there was no other way to get rid of the Sentinel of Chaos. Also in A Burden of Chaos , Shannon’s life was under a serious threat and losing her was not an option for Kellan. Now the mission has been completed and as a result of that mission, Kellan is living the life of a slave. He is a member of the Claudius’ Rome which means that he has to fight every day for his survival.

    Robert W. Ross made Kellan’s life tough in A Tale of Two Gardens and here it is tougher than before. Narrator Nick Podehl has also changed his voice a little to show that there is an intensity in the air. Shannon’s life was saved by Kellan still she is living in pain because of the loss of her husband and the duties that are assigned to her. There have been times when Shannon completely lost hope for her husband and later he emerged out of nowhere after defeating the enemies.

    A Crucible of Order

    This time she expects to witness the same thing but for the last six months there has been no sign of her husband. As Shannon starts becoming more sad and depressed, she meets James and Jarvis who think that they can help her. Jarvis thinks that they might be able to bring Kellan back to the present if they remain successful in breaking the code.

    The thing is not easy and again this is not the first time for Shannon to jump into an impossible task. For the sake of her husband, Shannon brings the team back together and fastens her seatbelt to take a tour to the past.

    A Crucible of Order A Crucible of Order

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