Rise of the Ranger


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    The Greeks were the first in the history of mankind that believed in the Oracles and prophecies, no matter what happened they never tried to challenge them. Prophecies are thought to be the voice of gods and thus it cannot be denied at any rate. No power on earth can change it once it is told and it becomes a fact.

    Philip C. Quaintrell starts “The Echoes Saga” with the same pattern inculcating a prophecy in the minds of the primary characters and also the listeners. Illian ruled by six rulers who have forged their own kingdoms was once the territory of the elves. Now for the last thousand years humans have full control over the land and though for king and his people the land is ample, they fight for more.

    Rise of the Ranger

    The basic greed in the human race is their biggest weakness that any other race can easily exploit. The prophecy that was made a thousand years ago about the superiority of the elves is going to be fulfilled very soon. The humans are not ready for the magical creatures known as the elves because they don’t believe on the prophecy anymore.

    Then there is one odd man known as Asher who is thousand years of age but his memory is all washed out. He just plays the role of an assassin now and nothing else. Whether the humans like it or not according to the prophecy the war is coming. Empire of Dirt  is the next part and is fine sequence to this part which can be enjoyed till the last word which Steven Brand the narrator utters.

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