Ugly Love

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    People used to believe on love at first site in the 80’s and now it does not trend at all now the conception has totally changed. Same situation occurs when Tate Collins meets Miles Archer and there is an attraction between them but the girl is not ready to form the bond in the shape of a relationship. They are not friends and they don’t consider themselves engaged and still cannot resist the temptation of being with each other in every spare moment of their busy life. One thing the two never wanted was an engaging relationship, they like having sex but that physical pleasure is just for the time kill.

    Tate strictly prohibits Archer never to talk about her past life and then according to the second rule they should never try to plan for a future life. It was easy at the start but then they start liking each other’s company and being with one another becomes the sole purpose. That’s where the love gets ugly because it was nothing they ever planned in the past, nothing what they were expecting.

    Ugly Love

    Grace Grant and Deacon Lee really put their hearts out in narrating another of Colleen Hoover’s romantic story. If someone looks deep he will come to know that same sort of theme was roaming in Maybe Someday and Verity though it was not apparent in those books but was imbedded deep within. Colleen tries to take the reader back to the real or true love of the old days after making him feel sick about the lust. The company that human beings need keep them alive and it should never be according to any rule.

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    November 9



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