November 9


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    November 9: A Novel

    An author is always in need of an inspiration that can help him or her to create things. That inspiration could be from anything or anyone. Colleen Hoover’s new hero Ben is also in search of an inspiration that takes him from one city to the other. Fallon the source of inspiration met Ben when she was about to leave the city for ever.

    They find some chemistry building between themselves thus they spend the evening together to celebrate Fallon’s last day in Los Angeles. Everything goes fine but oddly the two promise to meet on the same spot the next year, Fallon is not sure why she is meeting Ben again but it is quite apparent that Ben is in need of something. That something of course could be the plot of his upcoming novel and the girl is not sure that the man is interested in the creation of the book or her. She keeps on meeting Ben again and again on the same date each year and now thinks that the time has come for the dramatic twist.

    November 9

    She is now sure that the entire thing that the author wanted was a story out of her and nothing else. Heart breaks are what makes us sad more than anything else; it was there in Maybe Someday and Verity. This one however takes a bit of time. We can guess this by the slow pace of Zachary Webber and Angela Goethals who look in no hurry at all.

    Not very long romantic scenes or chit chat between the author and Fallon love making is also almost absent on the dating days.

    November 9 November 9

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