Addicted to Outrage



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    Addicted to Change is a book on politics and social sciences. It is written by Glenn Beck. He is a highly capable author, political commentator, TV producer, radio host, and conspiracy theorist. As a writer of nonfiction books, he has a huge fan following especially with books like The Great Reset and Arguing with Socialists.

    As a narrator of this book. Glenn Beck did an amazing job. He must narrate all of his books and not just a few selective ones only.

    In this book, the author highlighted the facts that how the great country America has become excessively divided over time. He talked about this in both the social and political context. Americans in recent times have become a lot less forgiving and accepting. They have lost their total faith in many of the signature ideals of the country. They are quite quick in becoming judgmental about the opposing party but, they are not ready at all to doubt their very own ideologies. They have completely rejected the idea of any sort of self-awareness.

    Addicted to Outrage

    The author also suggested that the current downfall would eventually lead to the destruction of all that the country has fought extremely hard to preserve. That was not only a Republican problem. That was neither even a Democrat problem. That was everyone’s problem and burden. And, we all need to think about recovering and causing a change for the betterment of the country.

    Addicted to Outrage

    Glenn Beck did a great job to tell all his followers how they are manipulated. His work here is backed by extensive research about the way Americans got addicted to barbarity. He also told the formula of breaking free.

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