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The Fairy-Tale Detectives

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All the little kids that love the fairy tales have heard about the Brothers Grimm but now there is Sisters Grimm which is a little unusual on the scene. Being the kids from the same family they have the same job that is given to them after the death of their parents. All of it comes to them as shocking news more shocking then the presence of their grandmother whom they thought to be dead.

The novel is interesting for those who have read all of the fairy tales in the past because each story like the first one would of course be connected to the fairy world. The first task is a gigantic one because the poor little girls have to deal with a giant.

The Fairy-Tale Detectives

And when there is a giant it is for sure that Jack would be found here and there in the scene. Jack and the beanstalk is not new for most but this does not contain the same stuff the main story is also not twisted which is the right thing to do.

After all we don’t want fairy tales to be rewritten because this would destroy their first innocent impact on our mind. This series deals with the whole fairy world where the creatures originally live and they have their everyday issue which the Sisters Grimm has to solve in order to pacify them.

Michael Buckley has borrowed the characters but not the story and thus The Sisters Grimm and The Problem Child would also be with new stories talking about the fairy world and the creatures in it in a different perspective. In the narration L. J. Ganser is as excited as the kids and this is what such stories want i.e and excited voice that makes the listener live through an imaginative world.


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