Killing Mr. Griffin


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    A murder mystery in school when there is a teenager who is the suspect is always full of awe. The tale by Lois Duncan is about a group of average student who wants to make fun of their most strict teacher through a little prank just to amuse themselves and the rest of the school.

    Susan and her friends unaware of the danger that may follow their prank afterward make the whole plan just because Mr. Griffin their teacher was too harsh on them and insulting all the class was part of his daily routine. The whole prank thing turns into a disaster that leads toward one murder after the other including the staff and the students. The story has an element of mystery and action at the same time as the cause of the murders is unknown but the group who planned it know one thing i.e the person who is doing all this is one of their group as only their group knew everything about the prank and thus the one used it for his own dark desires is surely one of them.

    Killing Mr. Griffin

    The feeling of fear haunts Susan and her friends as there is a murderer in their group who could pose a threat to their lives as well. A feeling of distrust appears that strengthens as the story progresses. The story is wonderful in the sense as a trivial happening is turned into a cause of so many momentous happenings. Dennis Holland’s voice surely possesses mystery in it throughout and there is also a spooky touch to it.

    The story is nice to hear on a Halloween or such other occasion when you want to enjoy the scary feeling. Before I Let Go – Marieke Nijkamp and Fall of Giants – Ken Follett are also good reads for most of the novel lovers.

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    1. Why when I see a black guy in the street I’m afraid i
      Is that normal or I’m the only one cause they really scared me
      Anyway I very think that they are a sourasse and I don’t believe they have to live


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