A Tale of Two Gardens

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Kellan got selected as the Sentinel and it surely was a hard task for him. The duty to fight against the demons of the world is not an easy thing because the enemies just keep on growing. The Arch Demon with all the allies was one hell of a thing to deal with but it has become a thing of the past.

A messenger has appeared again and trusting that messenger means going against the teaching of his master. Kellan thinks, he has survived the worst and there is no harm in looking into the matter because if the messenger is right then the thing is of the serious type. A Cabal of Angels and Demons has emerged and they are not in a good mood at all.

If they succeed in their agenda then the Creation itself might be endanger. So the best thing for Kellan is that, he and his allies stay together and leave all the differences aside for a while if they want to survive after the end of the battle. Kellan along with Meghan and Shannon travels to medieval Scotland and from there, they move on to Ethiopia in search of the truths that have been hidden from them for so long.

Robert W. Ross is really a giant in the world of literature and the stories which he creates are so much engaging that the listener will forget to wink even. Humanity’s Promise and Trinity’s Children are other examples of what the author has produced for the audience over the years. Nick Podehl has narrated the story which means that it would be a delighted thing for all of us.

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