A Kingdom Besieged


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Many previous trilogies depicted the unity of the empires because foreign enemies were invading the land one after the other. For a long time there has been no outside interference and this allows the old enmity to rise once again. Great Kesh once dreamed of getting hold of all of Krondor but that dream perished when their attack faced men like Pug and the defenders known as the Conclave of Shadows. Keshian Empire once again wants to fulfill that old dream and for that purpose it starts gathering armies on the western border.

Not only this the kingdom of Kesh has started killing the spies of Krondor and their might me some traitors in the empire that are helping them. Raymond E. Feist  makes another hero rise from the family of Prince Arutha and he along with his men goes to the borders to settle the dispute. It is the same thing that Prince Arutha did but the problem is that he had a large army and Martin conDoin is left with a group of amateurs.

A Kingdom Besieged

Thus the result would not be the same as the enemy means business this time and Pug too is feeling weak in front of the invaders this time. The great magician Pug has faced foreign invaders too but never ever he has looked so weak. It was Pug who lead the war from the front in Rides a Dread Legion and At the Gates of Darkness but now he thinks that there power is not sufficient. There is less energy in the voice of the old heroes and John Meagher depicts this through the narration. Martin alone can change the course of war this time if he stands tall like Prince Arutha.


At the Gates of Darkness

A Crown Imperiled


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