A Crown Imperiled


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Things don’t look good for Midkemia because city after city the state is going down in power, the heroes are perishing. No sign of the great Pug and the Conclave of Shadows yet and some think that they have finally run away after seeing such a catastrophic site. However this is not the case the Conclave of Shadows and Pug were with Midkemia even at the time of Wrath of a Mad God and Rides a Dread Legion.  Thus they have not run away rather they have gone on a quest to search for the true source behind the chaos.

It is not Kesh according to Pug that is bringing down the whole network of Jim Dasher down something more treacherous is at work. So Conclave of Shadows and Pug are actually looking for a magic source to solve the matter. It is John Meagher again who narrates the serious situation of war as Hal and Crydee take Princess Stephanie and her lady away from the danger zone.

A Crown Imperiled

There is no place safe for these ladies and still they march toward Ylith where Martin is trying to defend the remaining portion of the empire. Dog Soldiers are apparently the enemy but a darker force from beneath the sea is also playing its role in the destruction of the land. Raymond E. Feist  has done that many predicted i.e making Martin the new hero of this war era just like Prince Arutha.

At the start Martin was not given a big army but now he has a castle to defend and people are gathering around him finally, even Pug will return to him when he will find a solution.


A Kingdom Besieged

Magician’s End


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    3 thoughts on “A Crown Imperiled”

    1. “In order for criticism to be credible it must be balanced” is a quote I created. I’m a big fan of the genre and am a Mr. Feist’s. Recently I noticed a TokyTeam synopsis/ introduction that was less than flattering to the audio team. Obviously we all know the value of the audio presentation and transition from a beloved team to a new team is often difficult. This is the first listen for me of this narrator and I’m not a fan. Especially when an author is transitioning from one set of characters to another it is more challenging. In my opinion at least the narrator is not ready for prime time; in fact he is distracting to the point where I need to listen multiple times. I hope that the next book in this series replaces him. Perhaps this is harsh, yet really he should be replaced.

    2. Having a different narrator after 23 audiobooks by one narrator is very hard to deal with I don’t feel this narrator is bad but maybe just not suitable for this genre and his voice and my ears just dont get on, does anybody know if anybody else has narrated this book besides him ?


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