Dirty-A Dive Bar Novel


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Kylie Scott’s novel surely depicts the true meaning of the word dirty and is excellently narrated by Andi Arndt, the narrator has used different tones for the male and female characters in the novel in order to show their true colors and portray them according to the thinking of the writer. Lydia Green, the girl betrayed by her boyfriend on the wedding day because he had relations with their best man is presented as a girl who is disturbed emotionally and that’s why she used sad tones in conversations and also she is sweet that makes her appealing especially to the man who finds her under his shower when he returns to his old house.

Dirty-A Dive Bar Novel

Vaughan Hewson a corrosive sort of a personality with problems of his own in his personal as well as social life is always rude in behavior and the tone is always high pitched not a perfect sort of a man for any girl with sentiments.

In the form of Lydia there is complex character in the novel as we fail to comprehend what does she really want, does she want sex which she starts enjoying with the man who is not Mr. perfect or the man of her dreams or her is doing all this just to take revenge from her boyfriend so that she could tease him or she just wants to get dirty as she is fed up of being nice all the time it’s time for her to unleash the devil.  

 Twist and Repeat can be read along with this one as these books also have the same sort of sweet sentiments and the dramatic elements that have been the key to writer’s works.


Verses for the Dead



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