At the Gates of Darkness

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Not going with a fix narrator still as Richard Ferrone narrates this one, although the narrators have done well but change really teases the listeners. Darkwar was won like several others in the past decades but it didn’t end the catastrophes of the land. Demon hordes land here and there like blood sucking parasites and destroy whatever is left in Midkemia and Kelewan.

Prosperity has left the land and happiness perhaps will never return to it. Pact between Pug and the Conclave of Shadows still exists and though they have several differences but they have one objective i.e to protect the land. It was their alliance that ended the chapter of Maarg but his forces were never annihilated completely. Whenever the Demon King’s forces get the opportunity they still pounce on the citizens and their property. All of these tragedies were ample to ruin the lives of the people and then the attacks of the Black Magic start.

Dahun a one of a kind demon joins forces with Belasco and their power becomes so strong that the bond of Pug and the Conclave cannot stop them. Thus more magicians and warriors are hired that include people like Amirantha, Jim Dasher and son of Pug i.e Magnus. In the last two books Wrath of a Mad God and Rides a Dread Legion Raymond E. Feist made Pug add characters but they were from old portions of the series.

Here the characters are new only Magnus is from the previous parts but he too is a young lad, the author is trying to hand over the things to the next generation now. Because of this we see the newcomers in action more than the old veterans.

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