The Bear


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    The Bear is the fourth book of the Saga of the First King series. It is the conclusion of the entire series. As expected, author Salvatore who also wrote Homeland, did a great storytelling job here. One of the major challenges facing authors of book series is how to draw the right conclusion where everything is balanced. Each character has to rewarded according to their role in the movie. The Bear is an epic series conclusion, and the author really got it well.

    It flows with the third book The Dame , and concludes with an intriguing atmosphere. The narrator got the diction and speech representation spot on.

    The Bear

    The Bear centers more on Dame Gwydre, unlike in books one and two, which focused on Bransen.  The war of Honce goes on, and bodies are littered on the road. To the surprise of everyone, Yeslnik has acclaimed himself the kind. He is gradually covering grounds and killing mercilessly to become one of the most deadly in the history of the Honce.

    Meanwhile, Dame Gwydre and his father are looking for allies. They know they can’t handle what is looming ahead on their own.  They aligned with Laird Ethelbert, who they think is less dangerous than Yeslnik.

    The Bear

    The Bear is filled with endless battles of power and wits. Each fraction is trying to reign supreme over the other. Bransen is already entangled in the war, but he wants to extricate himself. Just as he thought that things are gradually getting to normal, his old enemy resurfaced. He has vowed to bring down the man who killed his adoptive father. Battle lines are drawn and only the bravest will remain standing at the end of the war.


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