Solo Leveling: Vol. 4


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    Headlines blared – “Korea and Japan unite to eliminate Jeju Island’s terrifying beasts!” A monumental moment, but Jinwoo sat removed from the fanfare.

    The newest S-rank hunter had one priority – bringing his recovered mother home at last. But then devastating news arrived. Jeju Island’s situation turned dire.

    Could the assembled top-ranked hunters prevail without Jinwoo? Their strength would be tested to the limit. Still, duty called for Jinwoo. As much as his heart yearned for his mother, the islanders needed him more.

    Steeling his resolve, Jinwoo set off alone into the island’s overrun forests. Friend and foe alike would witness his awesome power. No magical beast would leave Jeju Island alive.

    For too long, fear ruled the island under the shadow of monsters. By unleashing his full might, Jinwoo would liberate these people. United with his stalwart allies at last, Korea’s champion would ensure the beasts met a grisly end.

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