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    It is back to Ryan Steel and the family unites finally the three brothers, Ryan, Talon and Jonah get some time to relish. The brothers have been facing terrible days because of their family’s long buried secrets. It was Talon in Craving searching his love and Jonah in Burn searching his brother now it’s all over and a matter of the past. Ryan is free and finds sometime to be with his two elder brothers who are having a fun time in their lives. Ryan is the boy whom every woman can accept as a lover and partner in life, still single makes him a good opportunity for the girls of the town.

    Life becomes pleasant until the beautiful Ruby Lee joins in and the dark secrets and evil history is reopened once again. Ruby Lee a detective by profession wants some answers from the Steel family. Her past is somehow connected to the Steel family and she wants to know how and why.


    She finds in Ryan a good opportunity for her but is not ready to establish the marriage bond until she finds the truth long buried in the family. Ryan too establishes a liking for the girl and starts the search along with her but the truth is bound to separate the two.

    Helen Hardt has woven a love story for each of the Steel family and has knitted it in a very strange way. Aiden Snow and Lucy Rivers narrate with more attention on Ryan and Ruby Lee the rest are dealt just plain and simple. The fans can’t wait for the next chapter of the saga to unfold more mystery glued with this quite an unusual family.

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    Melt The Steel Brothers Saga, Book 4



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