Husband Betrothed, Book 2


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    Penelope Sky knits the story further as the author tells us about the life of a man who is haunted by the prediction that was made almost two decades ago. He was told that the girl he would love the most in his life would never love him back.

    Now it is like a curse for him because he dies for the love of Sofia and tries to carve this thing in his mind that there is no such thing as fortune telling. Sofia was in need of a husband in Wife because after the death of her father she and her family were in a miserable state.

    At first the man that Sofia’s mother selected for her came in the way but then everything was solved and the road was paved for the hero. He was able to arrange things according to his own choice but still one thing that he failed to get was the love of his beloved.

    Husband Betrothed, Book 2

    He now knows that the prediction was true after all but then he cannot just handover the love of his life to anyone else. At least he now possesses her physically and every night gets the chance to be with her instead for letting anyone else take his place.

    And there might be a chance in the future that he would be able to win her love with the passion that he possesses for her in his heart. Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola the two narrators are all geared up now for Lover the third episode of the strange love series that the author has created. This series has a strange sort of appeal and thus once started the listener just cannot say no to it.

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