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    Aiden Snow and Lucy Rivers narrated another page of Ryan Steel’s life, the boy who is the most handsome in the whole family. Ryan has been under the protection of his brothers since childhood and he loves them like nothing else. When Ruby Lee entered his life in Shattered he thought that his love life was also complete.

    He could dream of nothing else in life, his business related to the farms was going fine and the personal life was just perfect. But the day he opted to help Ruby in solving some problem of her past life he ruined his own life in the process. He has no trust on the people that are around him. The love is there but the bond cannot be established because there was a horrifying skeleton in the family’s closet.


    Ruby Lee has not given up on her lover and wants to solve the mysteries so that she can have Ryan forever. The secrets are deadly and one clue leads to another and Ruby knows that she is now playing with fire that could end her life in seconds. But for the sake of truth and the love of her life she is ready to go as further as she can to unveil the faces that are a constant threat to everyone she knows and loves.

    It has been a pattern of Helen Hardt’s work the author creates confusions in the form of deep buried secrets and then mixes emotions with it. The end or conclusion is also never abrupt it is a slow thing that needs patience to grip all of it.

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