All the Skills: A Deck Building LitRPG


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    This book reads like a debut from an author who didn’t plan out the full picture. The writing shows a talent for vivid scenes, but the execution is a chaotic mess.

    Strong Points:

    • Quality writing chops
    • An original LitRPG world based on cards – a rare premise
    • First half sets up an intriguing system

    Fatal Flaws:

    • Dragons are joke characters, bizarrely abundant
    • The magic card economy implodes on itself. Initially, cards are rare treasures for elite few. But soon every random person acquires cards galore, shattering rarity. Compounded over generations, the card supply would number in the millions – yet they remain “rare.”
    • Dragon riders are supposedly special, yet anyone with a weak card instantly gains access, like new quarterbacks. This revered class is built up then demolished.

    With strong writing but poor planning, the setting’s logic unravels catastrophically. Promising elements and immersive action can’t overcome the irrational worldbuilding. An object lesson on the necessity of plotting a fully realized vision before setting pen to page. Otherwise, the most imaginative ideas can collapse under their own weight.

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