A Power Renewed


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    War in heaven was not a surprise for Raphael and Michael because Lucifer had been trying to get more and more power. Now Lucifer is thrown in a different world but he is not destroyed permanently which troubles the two Archangels more than anything else. Though Lucifer was thrown in the human world but he still enjoys his powers and has a free will with which he can turn the world upside down. In order to bring order in the world, two Sentinels were invested to tackle the things in a better way.

    New power is needed by the world now to stop the growing madness for power as the demons are increasing in number and soon everything would go upside down. Raphael thinks that the time has come to invest the powers of the Sentinel into another being and selecting it was not a very big problem. Kellan is the one who is selected as he has been a great fan of fictional world since his childhood. Still the man never thought that he would find an angel on his door one day without any reason.

    A Power Renewed

    Raphael invests the powers in Kellan and this makes him an important person for both sides i.e angels and demons. Robert W. Ross has not tried to make the story very complex because the war between the demons and angels is already a complex thing to digest. Nick Podehl’s narration has made it equal to the standards of Humanity’s Promise and Trinity’s Children. A big war can be predicted at the beginning of the story and though the war takes place quite late in the novel but its threat keep on hovering over the head of Kellan and the rest.

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