Shadow Tyrants


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    Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison tell us about old history thing and then join the current situation with it. World War II was discussed in Typhoon Fury and then things that were left incomplete during that time are started all over again by new faces. The enemy was trying to create super soldiers there but the thing was stopped by the Oregon team. Juan’s mission attaches him and his friends with something which has its link with a two thousand-year-old myth.

    It was said that once an Eastern emperor had some secrets that were powerful enough to destroy the whole world. The emperor before his death handed those secrets to nine special soldiers who took an oath that they will protect those things with their life. Now the descendants of those soldiers don’t believe in the same thing rather they have been divided into two groups and each group wants to dominate the world.

    Shadow Tyrants

    Between their wars for supremacy human race can become dust if they don’t agree to a peaceful solution very soon. The Oregon lands in this situation where they have to fight against both of these groups. Neither of these groups is favorable for mankind so the team decides to bring down both of them.

    Technology which they hold is more powerful than any other thing in the world so they have to be stopped before things go out of hand. Narrator Scott Brick does not try to inculcate too much haste like The Emperor’s Revenge because fans usually don’t like hasty things. The story has quick action in it but no haste is shown in the narration.

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