Solo Leveling, Vol. 2 (Novel)


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    The second part of the book is equally fancy like the first one and doesn’t doubt the surprises because it has more surprises. Jinwoo used to be the weakest of the lot but this has become a thing of the past now.

    After entering a dangerous and deadly dungeon during Solo Leveling, Vol. 1 (Novel), he has now become a different thing.

    Jinwoo is completely armed by a mysterious system that he knows nothing about. However, the system has given him the power to accomplish goals within seconds and there is no quest which he cannot complete.

    Clearing dungeons used to be the toughest thing for the hunters because of the monsters present in those deadly places. With Jinwoo on their side, the humans have no issue clearing the dungeons anymore.

    Solo Leveling, Vol. 2 (Novel)

    They just go and conquer the places with minimal ease as Jinwoo does the rest for them. The Demon’s Castle is the next target which Jinwoo has in mind and it is not very difficult after the things which this hunter has achieved in the past.

    Problem is that, the system has something else in mind for Jinwoo and when the time comes perhaps he would not be able to say no to it. Going against the system is not possible for him and he does not know it yet.

    Time is turning real quickly and soon there would be a new order that will dominate the world loaded with dungeons. Surviving has been one of Jinwoo’s talents since the beginning and he would need all of that talent to get out of this big mess alive.

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