Ghosts-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


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    Omega virus situation just goes worse, hopes and friends are lost and now most of the survivors are thinking that all they can do now is to wait for their turn. Many have tried to bury the dead bodies but they still remain on the streets and in the minds. Cade Grayson has seen the most and he has seen friends perish in front of his eyes, the team that he once had is all lost in the battle. During his sleep he can see those faces that have been eaten up by the flesh eating devils that roam on the streets.

    It is not Cade who feels in such a way rather everyone present in the Eden compound has such memories and some of them still hope that their loved ones are alive. Each morning they look out of the compound in the open hoping for their loved ones to enter the secure zone but all they see are the undead. Shawn Chesser makes the situation more terrifying for the survivors at this point.

    Ghosts-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

    In previous books like A Pound of Flesh or Warpath the survivors were only afraid of the zombies but in this part the ghosts have also emerged as enemies of the living beings.

    Time to breathe fresh air is over now, human race needs Duncan Winters but the last job has made him lose his mind completely. Instead of a gun the hero is found with a whisky bottle in hand trying to forget everything around him. Adam Paul narrates the drunken condition of Duncan and the audience can feel that the hero has finally broken from the inside.


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