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When Shawn Chesser started the first part of the series Cade Grayson was worried about the safety of his family. Well things are not very different here, for Cade his family is still his basic priority and the rest of the world comes later. Many of those who started the war alongside Cade are now buried beneath the rest of the corpses that surround the houses and streets. True friends are hard to find in this world and for Cade they have become non-existence.

But survival is a must and on his survival the whole human race now depends. Air Base’s security was sacrificed weeks ago thus plans are made to move towards Eden compound. On their way the small group reaches Grand Junction where they get a safe shelter for the time being but the undead are closing in. Going in the desert with hunger and hungry zombies on your back is not easy and for Cade’s eleven year old daughter it is impossible. Things were not well in Eden compound too during A Pound of Flesh and Allegiance, Duncan Winters was looking very desperate in those parts.

With a tough task in hand Duncan feels more sorrow now, Chris Patton’s narration describe his condition completely. He was given the duty to bury his near and dear ones and with each burial the madness and hatred against the enemy boils up more than ever. He wants to strike back now and hiding in a hole does not look accurate to him. Perhaps in this situation he would not wait for Cade anymore and his decision will also affect Cade’s fate.




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