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Shawn Chesser is moving the series in a day wise pattern, every part of the series is actually the next day in the zombie apocalypse. Chapter five starts after a span of two days where A Pound of Flesh ended and things are getting hot in Cade’s world since the loss of his friends.

Most of the population all around the globe is now contaminated and those who remain are hiding in safe house but this is just temporary. Colorado the desert city has bought some time for Cade and his friends to regroup and devise a plan against the upcoming threat.

Cade was on a mission when the Air Force Base was attacked by the undead and no it is occupied by the devilish beings. For Cade’s family the place is not safe anymore but they cannot just leave. Surroundings are not safe anymore and the delta squad that Cade was leading happens to be in a very bad shape. Many men have gone to the ashes; among those were Darwin and Mike.

Population of the undead grows outside and moving to Logan Winter’s safe house appears to be the only solution. Reaching the place is not easy and if they are traced that place would also be threatened because of them.

Team that was made by the president in In Harm’s Way is decreasing in number fast and it would not be far when Cade’s family gets into the harm’s way once again. Aggressive tone is used by Chris Patton still to show that Cade and his wife are not pessimist in their approach; they are warriors who will fight till last breath.



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    A Pound of Flesh

    Mortal-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


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