Unfreedom of the Press



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    The most common debate of the current era is summed up by Mark R. Levin who talks boldly and without favoring any of the friends or fans.

    The debate on the topic urgently needed a conclusion because different people were giving their own point of views about the fate or future of the media but nothing was sound. Levin takes the discussion to a different level he thinks that the freedom of the media is vanishing no because of any outside influence but because of several corrupt people.

    Those corrupt people are present inside the department on different scales destroying the body in which they are living. Not only such people damaging the department or a whole institute but they are also destroying the faith of the people that they possess on media. The American people think of their media as a source that always provides the truth to them. The news reporters have their own agendas these days and in order to fulfill their own desires they form false opinions and work very cleverly on perception making.

    Unfreedom of the Press

    The book also has several historical references that tell us about the true strong media of the past. Levin along with Jeremy Lowell narrates the book himself which is good to see. The theme almost matches with Liberty and Tyranny and Rediscovering Americanism and it has been writer’s main motive to portray patriotism in his books so that the nation can be united on a single platform.

    This can only be achieved if they know the truth about things conveyed to them through an independent media that never shows biasness toward anyone.


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