A Dance for the Gods



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    A Dance for the Gods is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the second installment in The Last Warrior King’s novel series. This book is written by E.O. Odiase and coauthored by K.N. Pumpuni. He is the bestselling author on amazon for African literature. He had quite a deep interest in the colonial and postcolonial history of Africa while he was growing up. On the other hand, K.N. Pumpuni did well in this novel to journey through ancient Africa while immersing readers within this tale.

    The narration of A Dance for the Gods novel in audio format is done by Fawn Celley. It was a fairly good performance by understanding the scope of narration and coping well with the required accents for the book.

    A Dance for the Gods

    King Ewuare has taken his last breath and one more King is in captivity now. The vultures this time are circling all around to devour Mombaka, which is the once-great kingdom. Some fresh alliances across all the five different kingdoms beneath the Moon Sea are forged to replace the old ones just as the Kings and the Queens compete for power. Queen Meha and Kendi, her son make a return back home for collecting her prize while she sees the little guy take the throne. Then it comes to the story of Queen Idioba who went deep into the mythical forest of Agbon.

    Princess Jamila preferred to stay back in Amarea and made her way through a very difficult marriage to Gambo, who was the Crown Prince.

    This book will help the audience to see the world right through the eyes of some gripping and enthralling characters. They all dance to the hymns which are played by several different gods who they serve.

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