The Praying Mantis Bride



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    Dean Koonz, the author of The Praying Mantis Bride is fond of writing the best fictional short stories and the audience in return have become fan of his work. His Nameless novel series of short stories/ anthologies have become massively popular and The Praying Mantis Bride is the 3rd chapter of this fictional novel series. Once again for the narration. You will hear the powerful, beautiful and stern voice of Edoardo Ballaerini.

    The story is about a deadly and fearful black widow, who in her lifetime has eliminated 3 of her husbands and is counting more. But, Nameless on the other end is well aware about one of her weakness. In order to bring forward the truth and al the consequences to the crimes that she has committed, Nameless should go on to spin a web of his own.

    The Praying Mantis Bride

    Lucia, having the last name Rickenbah has made lots of fortune by marrying all rich men in her life, who incline to drop dead. But that highly superstitious women believes a lot more in money and murder. The job for Nameless is to scare out a confession from Lucia. Just as the psychological attempts on her escalates more, even Nameless himself could be in for a huge shock. Things were setting up for a huge twists. A big secret is about to be revealed.

    Dean Koontz knows the art how to engage audience in short stories, which are immensely powerful with their stories and characters. You must check more such stories from the author which are: In the Heart of Fire and The Praying Mantis Bride. Both these novels are part of the Nameless series by Dean Koontz.

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