Clifftop Crisis and Transformation


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    This is not a very long novel rather we can term it as a short story. Tao Wong has been famous for the long novels and series such as A Thousand Li: The First Step: A Cultivation Novel and Town Under. Thus it was a new thing for the author too and he has managed everything quite well. Changing the style and the length of the books is always difficult but for Tao Wong it was just a piece of cake.

    The main series is still the real deal and this book is not linked to the main story but it describes certain facts which have not been described in the long series. Several characters are given some extra time that are not even mentioned properly in the series because they were not part of the original story. Tao wrote this book to make the audience realize that there were many other things in the novel which were intentionally side lined.

    Clifftop Crisis and Transformation

    Thus the listeners were able to keep a good focus on the story of a lad who just forgets everything about becoming immortal for the sake of mortals. He even tries to sacrifice his life for the sake of his master but luckily he survives. Here Wu Ying does not exist and the writer has given other characters a chance to flourish. Getting away from the main stream can sometime provide a relax time which the audience needs desperately. It does not mean that the original story is boring but for the sake of change such books can play a good role. Feodor Chin will not disappoint the old fans of the series, the narrator has a clear error free voice.

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