The King’s Buccaneer


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    From the twins Borric and Erland the story shifts towards the youngest in the family i.e prince Nicholas. Prince Arutha’s youngest son is a wise being but he happens to be inexperienced just like his other two brothers. Father knows that if things go on like this there would soon come a time when he would be forced to make Nicholas the new king of the kingdom. For this purpose the prince should be ready to face all the circumstances. Arutha with this thing in mind sends Nicholas and his squire who too is just like the prince to Crydee.

    It was not any sort of test, the two were sent just to see the tough scenario in life. But when the two reached the castle danger started to loom on their heads in the form of pirates. Murders are seen and very soon two women from the castle are taken away by the evil force.

    The King's Buccaneer

    Nicholas and the squire know that sooner and later they too would also be dead meat. So the two leave their inexperienced life behind and start to think of a plan to survive this deadly situation. Raymond E. Feist same as Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master firstly invests characters in the series and then gives them the much needed experience through the progress of the story.

    One issue still remains that in narration Peter Joyce has narrated the character of all of the three brothers so if they combine somehow in the future their voices would be hard to comprehend. Rest is fine, nothing is moving at snail’s pace that could give dizzy feeling to those who anticipate high energy from Raymond.

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