Money Devils 1


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    Ashley and JaQuavis have written much on the cartels which openly tried to dominate society. People with hidden agendas are seldom discussed when these two authors are on the job. Discussing women, however, was not a new thing in this novel as we have already seen women domination in The Cartel 4 and The Cartel 6. Four sisters in the novel run the LaCroixs Company which has its fame in helping different business tycoons in the time of worry.

    Money Devils 1

    One thing that no one knows about is the little secret of these four beautiful sisters. They don’t just solve a problem; they create it in the first place as well. Together with the sisters very carefully analyze the weaknesses of the rich people and then plan to bring them down to their knees. After doing this they reach that particular person as an organization and put forward a plan for him to bring him out of his misery. Everything has been good for them until the day when their eldest sister meets West.

    Sutton the eldest in the family is the brain behind every event and now she has fallen in love which is bad news for the company. It was Sutton who made the rules for all of them according to which they should never marry to live free. Now she is breaking all the rules and crossing all the barriers. This act makes her sisters stand against her and she is also confused during the decision making. Cary Hite is back in narration after a long time and it is no doubt Cary who understands Ashley and JaQuavis’ work better than anybody else.

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