Once More upon a Time


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    A love fantasy is always welcomed especially if it is told fantastically by authors like Roshani Chokshi. Roshani has written Aru Shah and the End of Time and Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes but there is nothing like this fairy tale about gaining, losing and then regaining love. Love’s keep once told the story about the love of its king and queen but now that loves is gone and no one knows why.

    The two love birds have no purpose to live for and it has been only a year since the day they have wed but they have failed to enjoy the pleasures of life. Ambrose loved Imelda more than anything before their marriage and it was he who in order to save Imelda’s life gave away their love to the cunning witch. After that though the life was save but then they failed to preserve the love they were dying to get.

    Now finally the witch has returned to the kingdom once again and at this point of time the two lovers have been deprived of their kingdom too. Ambrose and Imelda don’t show any sign of worry for their loss rather they have their own passionate dreams to fulfill. They request the witch once again and she again grants them their desires but on the condition that they have to move along with her for a while.

    Once More upon a Time

    The journey is started and it is like a journey back into the past when Ambrose and Imelda loved each other. The more they went ahead the more they found out that they never needed anything else except each other’s company. This lovely fairy tale is narrated by three narrators Vikas Adam, Rebecca Gibel and Shiromi Arserio which means that all of the three main characters have a different voice and no chance of mixing.

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