Where Should We Begin? Season 1 and 2 By Esther Perel



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    Where Should We Begin? Season 1 and 2 By Esther Perel

    Esther Perel is a renowned Psychotherapist specializing in Couples therapy. She has also been rated as the New York Times Best selling Author. She has proudly earned the credit of providing the most uniquely designed and originally recorded series of audible, conversational sessions to help couples learn for the best of their relationship.

    The series is being titled as Where Should We Begin? By Esther Perel where she boldly provides the intimate details in an explicit and understandably clear manner for helping couples resolve all the challenges, they have to counter in their lives. She intends to provide help regarding all the aspects that affect the couple’s relationship. She manages to help them resolve issues and give each other enough space to stay at ease and continue with the relationship, she is helping many couples who listen to these recordings.

    Where Should We Begin? Season 1 and 2 By Esther Perel

    Season one of the series having 10 originally recorded audible recordings of conversation covered the challenges of the couples with major issues they had to face in their relationship including Sexlessness, motherlessness, infertility, trauma and its effects on married life when you get physically handicapped and feelings of detachments due to busy life or ignorance. All these audio recordings were the original sessions by Esther Perel where she helped those couples to get into the issue and resolve each and every problem in a way that satisfies both parties. Esther excels in providing explicit information in a bold yet ethical manner with consent from the couples from whom the recordings are taken for the sake of helping other couples having the same issues.

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    Season two of the series title Where should we begin? By Esther Perel has been launched with more untapped areas where couple lacks proper communication. This season is even bolder and more explicit as compared to the previous one as Esther taps deeper into the intimate issues and helps the couple solve them in a relaxed and productive environment.

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    The season two of the series Where should we begin? Contains a total of 8 episodes in which you will hear about many struggles and challenges couples may have to face while keeping up with their relationship and responsibilities of keeping the family together. The episodes include audio recording that Esther has recorded while she taps into the darkest and the most complicated areas where couples lose their control over their anger and disagreement and finally break up without compromising.

    Esther has been praised as one of the boldest and most refreshing Psychotherapists who has helped thousands of listeners to overcome the issues they have been fighting with and learned to continue prosperously.

    Her other renowned book that has impacted the world is the one titled as Mating in Captivity: Unlocking erotic intelligence which was further translated into 24 different languages and has helped many in the same situation. In addition to that her latest release include The State of affairs: Rethinking infidelity which also covers many aspects no one has ever tried to delve in.

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