Defiance of the Fall 12


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    Defiance of the Fall 12 By TheFirstDefierJF Brink



    Only the strongest will prevail when fate brings ancient powers together.

    Zac can wait no longer to defend Earth from the looming Kan’Tanu invasion. His only hope lies in stepping into the lethal trials of D-Grade combat. Though deemed impossible, he must achieve the miracle of fusing life and death to gain the power he needs.

    In the mysterious realm known as the Perennial Vastness lies his best chance. The fifth pillar of the System is manifesting there, offering unique opportunities and resources for a final power boost. However, an Eternal Heritage is the ultimate prize, and ancient factions will stop at nothing to claim it.

    Zac’s path to ascendance promises to be treacherous indeed. Can he overcome all obstacles to become the Hegemon Earth desperately needs against annihilation? Or will his reach exceed his grasp?

    The next thrilling installment of the wildly popular Defiance of the Fall LitRPG saga has arrived – now is the time to discover if Zac can master the impossible when fate brings hidden powers into play. Will he unlock the life and death fusion to defend humanity’s survival? Grab the latest chapter in Zac’s astonishing journey today!



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      • I didn’t realize it wasn’t out at the time of comment my bad. There is a SoundCloud uploaded but it’s incomplete. Makes sense it would take a while for the audio to be uploaded fully to sites.


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