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The manhunt begins when the people of the earth start changing into something else. The women and men change into demons which are threatening to those who are not infected by the thing. Those who are not transformed into demons yet don’t consider themselves safe so they start hiding and they are not seen on the streets anymore. A few of the brave men start hunting the humans who have turned into hideous creatures. Beth and Fran are on a mission during these devastating days of human history.

The two go outside, loaded with guns and weapons to hunt the feral men after which their organs are harvested. Robbie is the third character that the author Gretchen Felker Martin has introduced in the story. The three men meet during an encounter with the trans men and women. The three not only meet each other rather they feel that they have made one perfect family together in this era of darkness.


Although the situation around them is really alarming they manage to form not only a safe haven for themselves but also a home they have been looking for such a long time. Katherine Pucciariello has narrated Wrath Goddess Sing in the past so there was not a long experience behind the narrator but she has managed everything perfectly well here.

She has been able to describe the personality of these three men separately in a perfect manner. Moreover, the narrator has made an exact picture of the monsters that are being created in this novel. There is a common enemy too who is after the family which these three men have started loving.



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